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Thread: Thoughts on value?

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    Thoughts on value?

    Hey guys. I'm starting to get into the car market and sadly thinking about parting with my HD. I took a trip to a dealership to talk prices and trade-in. I have a 2007 Harley Davidson (non-supercharged) in Dark Amethyst. It's got 188k miles on it, brand new tires, performance tune, magnaflow muffler, OEM windshield, very minor nicks from daily driving, and interior looks great. I know the KBB trade-in is anywhere from $4,000-$6,500 in good condition but this dealer tried telling me it was only worth $3,400. I'm trying to get an idea what this car would be worth realistically on the private market and what I should demand from the dealership for trade-in. Thanks in advance.

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    Don't know what it's worth as a private sale, but being a "Master of the obvious" the more you get on the trade-in the more you'll pay for the new one.
    Maybe my #1 will chime in.

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