The sale ended Jan. 17, 2003.

There are several specific companies who continue to plague all of us honest and hard working DiabloSport dealers. Unfortunately, I had to resort to doing this because these rogue dealers are not following the Dealer Terms of Agreement laid out to them and their distributors, and they haven't been for many months on end (pretty much for over a year). I have never lowered my pricing without approval, and ultimately I feel bad for having done just such, namely because I have often spoken out against these rogue companies, and also because other hard working and honest dealers, just like myself, may have possibly suffered. Because of what I did, I feel that I got my point across, concerning rogue vendors, to the proper officials. Steps and measures are being taken, as they somewhat always have, but I believe soon they will be done at a more accelerated rate, and with a more aggressive stance.

This brings me to another point, and I ask that you all to listen. You should ALWAYS buy your Predator from a reputable TUNING dealer. Purchasing one because you find it for less from some unauthorized dealer, or some rogue company purposely lowering their pricing to create hardship on other respectable dealers, does nothing but put you, the customer, in a grey area. You have no idea what you're getting, and are relying by feedback from Predator owners coming from the same rouge selling dealers. Buying from a vendor who can personally tune you is the ONLY way to go! There are many of us reputable and knowledgeable tuning dealers who can always support your vehicle(s) and your personal needs for your vehicle(s). Pick one of us who you feel most comfortable with, one that will meet your specific needs, and you will reap the benefits from doing such!

Very Sincerely...