iat2(charge temps) - mine were 170* at the end of the track from a FUBAR oem i/c pump and the ambient temp was 51* best case scenario for iat2 temps---- big resivior with big cap for packing ice, 3/4 lines, JABSCO OR MEZZIERE pump ( i think stock is 6 gph and jabsco is 24, somethin like that- oem sucks either way) and a AFCO H/E... or killer chiller, they dont work well together... an L should see as super low as 78* in ambient temp of 50 ish- more realistic is 95-105* in same ambient temp. i think charge temp is one of the most crucial things to look at, besides MAF voltage, etc. i can say this--- if ur charge temp is high ur E.T. is gonna be high and in turn ur gonna be pissed off from the slow time slip!!