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Thread: harley parts for sale!!!

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    harley parts for sale!!!


    FOR 02/03 models

    Harleyhub caps just added 03 style $60.00 bucks each ( have a set ) also 2 01 style $45.00
    harley davidson hubcaps click to see picks!!!

    ported plenum painted black $200.00
    lightning or harley ported plenum for supercharger f150 click to see picks!!!

    2002 instrument cluster plastic screen does have a crack but can be replaced with your current one ( what i did when i used it). $280.00
    f150 supercharged instrument cluster click to see picks!!!

    billet flow single blade throttle with the harley davidson logo etched on there ( straight from billet flow ) put about 5,000 miles on it. $340.00
    billet flow single blade throttle body f150 02/03 click to see picks!!!!

    Belltech Hangers drops your truck 2 / 3 inches $80.00 part numbers 6419-001 and 6419-003 BRAND NEW!!!, never been used.
    97-03 f-150 hangers belltech click to see picks!!!

    SOLD!!! JLP Thunderpipe paint has a few scratches but fits and works perfect $80.00 click to see pics!!!

    chrome antenna housing $10.00

    H.I.D kit both headlights and fogs $150.00 ( must have roush fogs )

    came off a 2001 harley davidon f-150 which i installed a supercharger on.

    preferred local pick up san diego. but will ship buyer pay's shipping!

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    Cluster shipped to 28451

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    Hi, I'm new to the club and amwondering if anybody can help me out, I want to add some mods to my truck, wake it up a bit, I've owned it for 7 years and it's time to do a bit of work. any ideas say if I spend $1k in upgrades 2k in upgrades 3k in upgrades all the way to $7k. what gives me the best bang for the buck at the price points. My goal would be to have a DD that would run in the high 12's or low 13's still drive well and be reliable. what are the base essentials to do do first, what not to do, and absolutely the first things to do. where to spend smart money and what to avoid. Keep in mind I like thimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Hi I'm new to the sight and am looking at the best engine mods for the $ some essentials, basically what should i do for $1K $2K $3K...all the way up to $7K. I don't want to waste $ but get the best bang for the buck. I have an 03 HD Ford F150 4x2 5.4 SC engine. Any ideas or experience you've had would be very much apreciated. Really looking for a dependable faster than mst DD thst has good ma nors when needed but has th.e abiliy run like a raped ape ape when needed. any ideas are apreciated. wo

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