It has been a long time since I was on here so here we go
today I went to start my 2000
and the battery was dead so after letting it charge a bit it fired right up but after shutting it off I noticed the radio clock is staying on and it is saying
no Tape
I still have the stock radio in it and have over 350K miles on the truck it is just now starting to show issues
and has been a great truck
maybe it is just getting jealous cause I did bring home my f350 ….lol....
I used this truck for my Motorcycle towing service when I lived in Az and it has been a great truck and I would like to keep it as I am about to make another move where I will have the opportunity to do a frame off restoration
let me know what you think about the radio issues or if you have a stock one forsale collecting dust on a shelf
also I am interested in a set of stock springs for the front since I have lowered Lightning springs in it now