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Thread: Need Help: Windshield Leak but I DO know where it is:

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    Need Help: Windshield Leak but I DO know where it is:

    Hello All,

    I was able to trackdown my water leak from my windshield. I sprayed some soapy water and removed the compass overhead console and pushed air between the windshield and the frame of the truck. I really dont want to remove the windshield since I have heard they no longer make the windshield with the HD logo.

    Question I have is, if I remove the rubber surround on th eoutside of the windshield could I just apply the sealant from the outside since I now know where to seal it?

    Also what sealant should be used for the outside of the windshield?

    Would a windshield company seal the outside of the windshield if I pay them?

    Any windshield replace guys out there that can provide advice?


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    Can't help with a DIY repair, but Safelight quoted me about $500 for an OEM windshield with the HD bars.
    I'd check with them to see if they can reseal it for a decent $.

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