2018 Ford Mustang GT - A Miracle Detailing - Cquartz Professional

The color is Grabber Blue and it had been driven though the "Tunnel O' Swirls" it's entire life.
Yes, it was covered in swirl marks and fines scratches from the owner driving it through $6 car washes.

Machines: Rupes 21 with a RUPES 5" Backing Plate and IBrid Nano.

In most areas Meg's 5" microfiber cutting pad
Scholl's Concepts Shock 2 Cut Extreme compound

Rupes Yellow foam pad - 5" Dia. w/Meguiars M210

Last Step Products:
Cquartz Professional ceramic coating on paint and wheels
CQuartz Dlux Wheel & Trim Coating on hood, spoiler and trim
CarPro Clarify Glass Cleaner on windows

360 walk-around video - Please click bottom Gear for Quality 1080p w/audio

Hood Shot

Side Reflecto

Rear fender

Right side Reflecto

Another hood shot

The End

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