2014 Ford Raptor SVT - A Miracle Detailing - CQuartz Finest Reserve

Multiple ScanGrip MultiMatch 3. MultiMatch 2 and ScanGrip Sunmatch 3

ScanGrip Diffuser for MultiMatch 3 (Yes the diffuser works on both the MM 3 and 2)!
IMHO The Scangrip diffuser is a must-have accessory for the MultiMatch 3 and 2.

Without the diffuser, the sharp, crisp light shows swirls, holograms, and fine scratches.
When you apply the diffuser it makes it easy to see high spots etc. for removing coatings.

I really like this little accessory. I may even do a review on it in the future.
Just adding this little guy the Multimatch 3/2 makes a great shop light too!

Rupes 21 with a RUPES 5" Backing Plate and IBrid Nano long neck.

Lake Country HDO Blue Cutting Pad - 5 1/2"
Combo of Meguiars M110 and Scholl Concepts Shock 2 Cut Extreme Compound

Carpro Gloss pad - 5" Dia.
Meguiar's M210 Ultra Pro Finishing Polish

Last Step Products:
Cquartz Finest Reserve ceramic coating on paint, wheels, and fender skirts.
CarPro Clarify Glass Cleaner on windows (My new favorite)

360 walk-around video - Please click bottom Gear for HD Quality 1080p w/audio

After wash and decon, all areas were taped off before paint correction and polishing.
CarPro Automotive Masking Tape is my favorite tape product for applying, sticking, and removal.

The Front.

Notice the ScanGrip Diffuser on the MultiMatch 3's in these pics.

Polished and coated.

The End!

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