Hey, haven't been to the forum in a long time. Good to see it's still active.
I live in Calif and failed the smog check because this year I had to go to a Referee Station where they dinged me for my upper pulley. (Never been a problem in the last 15 years, F'n Commie-fornia!)
It's an Amazon Tuning Quick Change pulley set. Is Amazon still around? It's a 2.95" dia. and was wondering if a stock diameter (3.16"?) is available.
It looks pretty similar to the Billet Flow pulley, but without the lighting cuts. Probably a long shot, but does anyone make a replacement in the stock Harley diameter?
I'm not sure if anyone has a stock upper pulley, but was thinking if there's a bolt on that I can use instead, that would save me the trouble of having to remove the Amazon hub and pressing on the OEM style.