I've noticed recently that my temp gauge (engine/coolant) reads normal/warm as soon as the truck is started before it warms up, even when it's cold outside. It's running normal and without any related codes. Other than a too lean code on both banks I need to run down that was there prior to this issue.

I've replaced the cylinder head/coolant temp sensor (behind the alternator on the driver's side under the manifold) and harness/pigtail, but same results.

There seems to be confusion when I check with the parts department at the dealership and the auto parts stores. The Auto part store is calling the part I replaced the coolant temp sensor, and the dealership is calling it the cylinder head temp sensor. The part the dealership gave me (DY-1144) wasn't the same as the one I pulled off. And I can't find that part nowhere on the engine.

I found a couple hits online stating it only has a cylinder head temp sensor that does the function of both.

Can anyone confirm if it has both or just the single one?

Also, anyone know what to check next to identify the issue?