I am probably in a not-unique situation, that my needs are no longer really being met by my truck, but I love the unique driving experience it offers.

The sound (ported blower whine + borla catback on a v8)...
The torque...
The "drives like a car" handling that the hotchkis TVS kit on my truck has...

BUT, my family has grown; I have Wife now, and a 2 year old son (who loves my truck), a ~60lb Husky, wife has a smaller dog. We also have a 1964 Avion travel trailer (think airstream - but arguably better quality, it weighs 3200lbs dry and doesn't currently have water, grey or black tanks).

Currently we have 4 cars:
-My truck, all the typical bolt ons, makes ~400rwhp/520rwtq, and has ~165k miles
-A 2009 Acura MDX awd 7 seater that can tow 5k lbs (primary trailer puller/road trip car currently), and has ~120k miles
----This car is awesome for road trips, it's quiet, it's comfy, it's just big enough for all of us and our ****, can tow the trailer great, and is reasonably fun to drive - it won the best handling SUV award when they were released in 2007, and is basically the benchmark that suv's today try to achieve. The ~310hp is ok, but not exciting.
-My wife has a new tesla Y 7 seater that "can tow" 3500lbs but I've heard range hit from towing means local trips only, plus most public chargers would require unhitching which is a PITA. Thing is a spaceship and goes plenty fast enough to keep me entertained.
-I also have a `89 ford mustang notchback, and a `85 bmw 528e racecar (lemons)

My truck only has 4 seatbelts, and not enough room for everyone with the dogs for a trip. I have the pleasure of having a full remote job, but if I had to commute I would obviously take the tesla as it costs nothing per mile, and drives itself in traffic. We have solar panels at home, and a 240v charger so it's perfect for daily use.

So - I would like to ideally get rid of my MDX and my truck and replace with something that combines the best of both - fit all of us, tow the trailer (so 5k or higher rating), be more fun to drive than the MDX, and be close in performance to my truck...while having a longer range/better mpg's. My truck averages 12mpg, the MDX about 17. I also want 360 camera's, stop&go foot free radar style cruise control, heated/vented seats, and a heated steering wheel..yep bougie.

My list so far:
New Lightning...but can't find any to buy at MSRP, and the towing range again..I've heard sucks and all the drawbacks of unhitching trailer to charge.
2021+ f150 powerboost supercrew
2019+ ram limited ecodiesel (and would have to mod/tune it)
BMW X7 x40i
older than 2019 Porsche Cayenne S (? think this only has 5 seatbelts, but maybe work - I dont like the piano black buttonless interior of anything newer than 2019)
2018+ Navigator (eww, huge)
2018+ Expedition (eww, huge and soccermom common)
2018+ escalade/Denali/Tahoe? (Eww huge, and ****ty LS displacement on demand bull****)

Am I missing anything?

Also...thoughts on best place to list my truck for sale...bringatrailer/carsandbids.com or autotrader?